Thursday, 7 October 2010


Been watching Spirited recently, it's such an amazing show and Matt King is wonderful as Henry, so I drew a quick pic of him. Matt even tweeted about it C:


Michael Gardiner said...

hey steph. hows it going? havn't spoken 2 u in ages, hope your keeping ok. hows life in australia? looking good with some of these digital paintings. i like the speedy one of sydney. the perspective could be a little off on the bridge though.

S.G.Weldon said...

Hye Mike, yeah I'm good thanks! How are you?
Yeah the bridge is off by a bit, but I wanted to keep within the hour time limit I set myself- If I redid it as a proper digi painting rather than a speed paint, I'd sort it out haha!
Hope you're doing well!

Michael Gardiner said...

Yeah I'm good thanks. I've been working on my folio since graduation. I'm going to start applying for jobs soon. Probally straight after xmas. I've put a website together, still needs a few more pieces but it's nearly there. The address is:
if you ever want to check it out. It's quite funny actually since leaving the AUCB I've learn't more by teaching myself than what I learn't over the three years of being on the course. Hope you have a good xmas. Mike.